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Silvereye - купить в электронном или бумажном виде


Автор:Guido Argentini
Название:Guido Argentini. Silvereye
Размер:3 Mb

Guido Argentini, born in Italy, has lived in Los Angeles for the past ten years. In "Silvereye", his first book, he presents a collection of photographs that are part of an absolutely new personal quest based on his love for sculpture and dance. The women in his photographs are both beautiful and true athletes, dancers and gymnasts. Combined with a great sense of harmony and proportion. Guido Argentini creates photographs of intense expressiveness, in which sensuality is transferred to the body. These women don't reflect the traditional aesthetic values that the world of fashion is so concerned with, they represent the abstraction of beauty. Shot in a studio or on location, these images have no hidden message, they just want to arouse emotions, and they want to be a tribute to women and to their beauty.
Каталог женской одежды: блузы, платья, туники. Модели без выкроек и описания.

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