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Автор:Tim Walker
Размер:4,25 Mb

model, dressed in what resembles a flapper's spacesuit, crouches among disco mirror-balls that send showers of light across an attic room; in another scene, dresses lit from within hang like Chinese lanterns from a tree; in yet another, a motley crew of children play on a beach among the ruins of a giant cardboard swan. The English fashion photographer Tim Walker, born in 1970 in Devon, has a fondness for such dream-logic scenarios. His models often occupy fantastical and elaborate sets whose baroque props rhyme with their costumes in subtle and sometimes wistful ways; one senses immediately that a great deal of effort has gone into the construction of these sets. Formerly assistant to photography legend Richard Avedon, and having made a name for himself in the pages of American, British, Italian and Japanese editions of Vogue, Walker is currently one of the world's most influential fashion photographers, alongside Steven Meisel, Jurgen Teller and Nick Knight. This volume is the first to present Walker's complete works to date.
About the Author
As a London-based photographer and graduate of Exeter Art College in Oxford, Tim Walker learned from the greats. During an internship at Condé Nast he set up the Cecil Beaton archive. He also worked as Richard Avedon’s assistant in New York. Since those days his style has blossomed into something on par with his early inspirations and mentors. His work appears in trend-setting magazines such as Vogue, W and Harper’s Bazaar.
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