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Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capital - купить в электронном или бумажном виде

Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capital

Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capital (Campaign 176)
By Justin Clement, Stephen Walsh

Publisher: Osprey 2007 96 Pages
ISBN: 1846030331
The outcome of the campaign for Philadelphia in 1777 can be seen as the turning point in the American War of Independence. The outbreak of the war two years earlier had created a split between Britain and its North American colonies and it was the actions in taking Philadelphia that precipitated the defeat of the British which led to eventual independence for the emerging American nation. Justin Clements book is part of the Osprey Campaign series and its subject matter sits well in the uniform structure of these excellent titles. The usual sections are here, taking us through the background to the campaign, the opposing commanders and the opposing forces, along with a good concise narrative outlining the chronology of the various encounters. An excellent order of battle shows the numbers of troops present in each formation with a break-down of the casualties sustained by each unit. All this combines to form a good concise reference for one of the most interesting periods of the War of Independence. Stephen Walsh provides the colour battle plates for the main text and the author has been fortunate to have access to some very good colour portraits of the various uniforms of the participating troops. These along with some contemporary black and white plates make it a visually exciting book. As you would expect, Osprey has once again commissioned excellent maps from the Map Studio and bird's eye views of the battlefield from the Black Spot, both of whom make a great contribution to the visual excellence of this series. All in all Philadelphia 1777 is another great title from Osprey.
A turning point in the War of Independence, the campaign for Philadelphia set in motion a series of events leading to the defeat of the British and eventual independence for the emerging American nation. From the landing of General William Howe's army at the head of the Elk River, to his eventual capture of Philadelphia, the campaign included some fascinating battles. The initial engagement at Brandywine, the Paoli Massacre and the missed opportunity at Germantown are all examined in detail by Justin Clement, with supporting maps, original artwork and photographs. Recently discovered information about the battle of Brandywine and analysis of the major personalities involved completes this comprehensive account.

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