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De Havilland Vampire F1-T55 - купить в электронном или бумажном виде

De Havilland Vampire F1-T55

De Havilland Vampire F1-T55 (Aircam Aviation 33)
By Richard Ward

Publisher: Osprey 1972 52 Pages
ISBN: 0850451345
The Vampire, inevitably linked with the Meteor, will be chiefly remembered in Britain as one of the main stepping stones between the piston engined fighters of World War 2, and the long-awaited swept wing, transonic jets of the mid-lQSO's. For a decade the RAF depended upon the inseparable Vampire and Meteor, and though they were decidedly elderly by the time replacements finally materi­alised, they served us well. The Vampire was soon switched from interception duties to become our first ground attack jet, our first Navy jet, and then to give outstanding service as a standard jet trainer.
In many countries abroad the Vampire will be remem­bered as the nation's first jet fighter, and indeed a few still serve as trainers today . . . more than thirty years since the beginning of the Vampire story.

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